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DE-CLUTTERING 101: Simple Ways to Cut Clutter at Home

The idea of having a simplified, uncluttered, and clean home is what everyone dreams about. But in reality, it can be a tough job, especially when there are children playing and roaming around.  Despite the fact that decluttering can be overwhelming, we have compiled simple ways and creative renovation projects

Transforming Home Using Texture

In creating a design statement at home, colours and patterns are obviously an easy way to go. But to give your home a more dramatic interior design, incorporating texture into the space will add a dimension that can take the space to the next level. Texture plays an important role

How to Make a Small Space Look Spacious

With the rise of compact living in many cities today, whether it is a dorm or an apartment, making a small space look bigger is a struggle. But no matter what is the reason behind living in a small space, there is still a need to organize and somehow make