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Best 2019 Interior Design Inspirations

New year means another opportunity to try what is new for our home. It is the right time to fill your home with fresh colours, textures, and designs. If you are thinking of what renovation projects to start with, we have collected some of the best interior design inspirations from the industry experts.

White, light and bright
White interiors have been in the trend for a while but this year, it is a trend that should be watched out for this 2019. It can make a room look spacious, especially in the living rooms. If you are not into all white, bright and airy home is what you can try. Light-coloured floors, walls, and furniture take the overall trend this year in the interior design in Singapore.

Warm and sophisticated
Sophisticated colours will take over this year which means grey and neutral hues will always be there to stay. Light wood and natural materials will also give your home not just warm feels but also an alluring magazine-ready look. Timeless and classic, this is what it means!

Hotel-inspired bathroom
Gone are the days that bathrooms are just a “room.” This year, this is one of the parts of the house that Singapore owners must give extra attention. A more luxurious take on designing the bathroom is what will be trending. These are designs that have taken inspirations from hotel suites. Meaning, eye-catching details, plush materials, and striking accents can be considered. Just remember that this luxury will also be costly, particularly in carpentry (but worthy).

Green and natural
What will continue to bloom this year is the trend of accentuating greenery inside your homes. Putting plants around partnered with earthly tones or pastel colours can make a room look more cosy and natural. Plus, integrating green makes your home a tranquil, relaxing vibe which we all need after a long day of work.

Interior design in Singapore is definitely evolving and if you are looking for help, we, at AC Vision, will always be ready to provide you more information on how you can make your home updated with the latest interior design trends.


Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere at Home

Having a welcoming atmosphere at home is something that every homeowner aims. A warm and cozy feeling while walking into a room makes other to love coming into your home every time. It is like inviting them to give them a sense of comfort. If you are geared to make your home your physical refuge, these interior design suggestions can help you do magic.

1. The Entryway
“First impression lasts,” and so it is for your home. Inviting starts with the doorway or the entryway. Having a clean and inviting entrance at home can really go a long way. You can start this by clearing the space and putting out when is not needed. Placing a good doormat can also make a difference. It is like each person that comes in is being ushered in.

2. The Texture
Coziness means incorporating texture in the area. It is the simplest way in creating a welcoming home, especially in most interior design in Singapore. Aside from major renovation projects, it may be adding up a textured item or just surrounding the space with something that one would love to touch like fluffy rugs or carpets. It makes the area create a homey feel which makes it effortlessly comfy. A good carpentry works can also provide texture, especially in the kitchen area.

3. The Lighting
Lights play a big role in setting up the mood. Make sure to create a nice ambiance by choosing the right kinds of lights for each area of your house. You can also use accent lighting to create a drama. For example, put a light near plants or setting up a lamp in the living room. It creates a difference than just placing normal lighting at home.

4. The Smell
One common mistake when thinking about welcoming atmosphere is focusing only on the physical look of the room. On the other hand, an inviting home is also one that smells great. Pleasant smell really plays a major part in creating an inviting environment. You can add diffusers, scented candles or fresh flowers to help you boost the relaxing ambiance.

Giving your living space a welcoming space may take a time especially if you want to go into details. If you want a little help, we, at AC Vision, can do the planning and execution for you. While making your interior design visions a reality, we will also assure you that it will go in line with your personality.