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3D – Blk 212B Compassvale Drive

3D – Blk 212B Compassvale Drive

The key essence of a contemporary interior design style weighs heavily on the simple manner that exudes a sense of subtle sophistication and showcases the beauty of spaciousness. Neat lines are made tender by the light grey palette that dominates the room with a chic upgrade.

It is believed that the presence of the altar is an essential accessory for traditional Buddhism household to ensure the well-being of family members. Making sure that the altar is placed against the solid wall, its placement that oversees the house meets the requirement of feng shui for better luck.

Bright pink generates a sense of cheerfulness and innocence which makes it a suitable colour to go for children’s bedroom. To avoid monotony, different shades of pink is evenly whitewashed to bring richness and add layers to the room but still stick to the pinkish theme. Wood ornaments set up on the wall emphasise the homely feeling with its pentagon shapes resembling a house.

Lighting in the kitchen should be a significant factor to give more consideration to when designing a house. In this project, ample light is introduced to ensure a safer cooking environment where ingredients are boiled or cooked can be monitored more clearly. Natural sunlight shining through the blinds provides a luminous beam, accompanying with the radial halo from the spotlight on the ventilator and dome lamp embedded on the ceiling for compensation when sunlight is lost or not efficient.

The light grey tone has become the new darling among interior designers and homeowners for its textural quality along with the mystic subtleness and warm touch. It is definitely a versatile colour that fits well with the living room to awe the guests, reflecting the brilliant taste of the household owner.

The soft furnishing of the bedroom creates a restful vibe for exhausted eager beavers a tranquil nest after a day’s duty. The floor tiles’ lighter tone serves as a contrast to the darker shades of the inbuilt wardrobe to create a more spacious look that is soothing to the eyes.

The comfort of a five-star hotel could be found within a house when the right element is injected.

A towel hanger conveniently installed above the toilet is a well-thought design that allows more space to be utilised for the bathroom to appear less confined. The glossy bathroom basin and toilet reflects the illuminating light showering down from the cabinet, making them the focal points highlighted in a hygienic bathroom.

In the form of a rigid geometric grid, the clean-cut floor-to-ceiling shoe cabinet allows shoes to be organised and shies away from sight to avoid visual clutter which gives the room a more expansive view. The full-rounded curtains on the other side of the living room craft the mood for the living space while allowing sunlight to stream into the living room at the same time.