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3D – Blk 108B #04-41 Canberra Walk

3D – Blk 108B #04-41 Canberra Walk

There is no such thing as “best” design in general, since different criteria are used under different circumstances. However, to the residents, the best design is always the one that can blend into their lifestyle.

When you come back home from a hectic long day, isn’t it nice to have some greetings from your home? Listen, your small plant is saying hello to you by the blooming sense of nature.

The modular cabinets can be used as a wardrobe. Though we don’t need to hang overcoats after going home, changing shoes is still necessary. A small platform reserved for small objects like keys can also be decorated as a refreshing welcome home greeting.

When you feel that the daylight is too bright, the roller blinds can be the supplements of your day curtains to block dazzling light. Designer floor lamp and box-shape end table lighten up your living space by bringing a sense of fine design. The shelf above the TV set is a perfect place for storage of small objects or a collection of decoration. One more detail that delights the living area is the fan which can also serve as an overhead light. Using a fan in high level brings same cooling effect as an air-conditioner.

More than consideration of functionality, the design of a kitchen should also fulfil the needs of aesthetics. The consistent stone texture of cabinets creates an elegant appearance. When you prepare food for family members, seeing the busy shape of you teaches them to respect your work. What’s more, the window in the kitchen also ensures that you can have an eye on your kids when cooking.

The Best Design Can Blend into Your Lifestyle

When you work in your study, it is refreshing to look through the window to have a peak of the living hall. A large space reserved for the study is also vital when you want to walk around for some inspirations. Hence, a long study table facing the wall satisfies the needs of studying for multiple users. It also leaves more space for you to walk around to relax.

The main function of a bedroom is to provide a restful place. In a bedroom that you can relax, multiple pillows to embrace your tiredness is necessary. It’s easy to miss out the rug. Nothing beats the feeling of softness brought by a rug when you just get up from the bed. Use a plant to decorate your bedroom brings a touch of nature. It also helps purify the indoor air. The overhead light as in the living room brings one more light source, which is also a fan to help you cool down the room.

Storage and mirror can be combined so as to leave more space in the bathroom. The functionality of bathroom is reflected in the wise arrangement of different area. More than being functional, the combination of tiles makes up beautiful pattern in the showering area. It highlights the whole bathroom, while the unified tile style flooring and walls make sure the bathroom is still decorated as a whole.

Here at AC Vision, our skills are not for showing off. Our designs care about the experience of residents living in it instead of a nice portfolio that we can use for advertising. The best design in our philosophy is always the design that suits the lifestyle of our customers best.