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Top Home Decor Trends for 2018

Top Home Decor Trends for 2018

Top Home Decor Trends for 2018

As another year rolls, buying a new home or changing up the living space are always part of welcoming another year.

Statement flooring

If the previous years are all about statement walls, interior design in 2018 will be about the statement floors. From simple tiles, bold-coloured and unique geometric shapes will be in this year, especially in living rooms and bathrooms. The statement flooring is also an ideal way to make a small room look spacious without adding any visual clutter.

Spa-like bathrooms

Dull-looking bathrooms are out this year. What will prevail are spa-like bathrooms where you would love to stay and do beauty rituals. It can be achieved not only by doing major renovation projects at home but by simply displaying elegant pieces like vases and soap dishes. Also, using stylish tiles, mirrors, shower, sink and the like will complete the look of any bathroom.

Light wood cabinets

This year, gravitating to natural elements at home will make it look more inviting. Using medium to light wood cabinets, particularly those with flat and clean finish can add character to space. This shows that cabinets are not only storage but it can also be part of modernizing home by doing simple carpentry jobs.

Pantone colour of the year

Ultraviolet, the Pantone colour of the year for 2018, matches the light wood cabinets perfectly. This bright colour can immediately conjure the appearance of the space where it will be used. The modern interior design in Singapore suggests that ultraviolet can create a playful and youthful ambience at home, especially when used in living room and bedroom.

Light neutrals

If being playful is not your thing, warm and light colours are still in if you want to achieve a refreshing outlook this year. Let go of the reds and caramel brown. Instead, infuse a heavy dose of light neutrals, both on walls, floors and furniture, to create moodier and homey atmosphere at home.

The overall trend this 2018 is all about using unexpected elements and colours to achieve a new look. Efficiency is also the key. Let go of oversized and less functional furniture and go with more efficient pieces at home. Above all, the balanced choice of materials and finish is always something to consider in creating an overall mood at home.